Those Roads Film / 3 screen projection

Those Roads is as a sound/image collaboration between the composer Evelyn Ficarra and filmmaker Suse Bohse. The work’s primary intention is to provide a constant interplay between different kinds of listening; one of which associated with ‘filmic’ experience (image, narrative); another is connected to the more abstract experience of musical structures; rhythm, texture, dynamic, shape. The sounds in the piece, mostly concrete in origin, unfold at times in a naturalistic way, giving the illusion of real time; and at other moments succumb to musical constructs. Both sounds and images are mostly familiar; rooted initially in the domestic but not confined to it. In this way it is hoped that the piece will contain meaning without fixing it; that the listener will find his/her own distinct path through it.

Those Roads was commissioned by Electric Lives and the Sonic Arts Network and has received screenings in London, Arnheim, and Hamburg. The soundtrack has been broadcast on the radio in Britain and the U.S.A. and is available on the CD Frantic Mid-Atlantic (Sargasso SCD28026)